Care guidelines

We want your print to stay as vibrant and beautiful as the day you receive it. To prevent damage or significant colour fading, please follow these simple guidelines:


If you have ordered a framed print form Moment in Art you will receive it packaged in a cardboard shell. Placing the package on a flat surface use the rip strip to open the outer wrap. Do not use scissors, a knife or anything sharp which could damage the frame.

Once opened you will find your frame contained in bubble wrap which is secured with minimal tape. Carefully remove the tape and the bubble wrap. You will now see your frame is wrapped in tissue paper with card corner protectors. This may seem a bit like pass the parcel but we want to ensure your frame is fully protected. Carefully remove the corner protectors and you will be able to unwrap the tissue paper and finally admire your print. If you are giving the print as a gift you may like to retain the tissue paper and corner protectors to reuse them.

Please recycle or reuse all unwanted packaging.

If you have ordered a print without a frame you will receive it in a postal tube. First, remove the tape securing the end cap and the end cap itself. Your print will be wrapped in tissue paper, please pull gently on the tissue paper to remove your print from the tube. Unroll as soon as possible and place in your frame. 

Handling your print

If you have purchased a framed print you should not remove it from the frame. When handling your unframed print please ensure your hands are clean and dry. Carefully pick up the print using two hands from the edges. We recommend avoiding contact with the front of the print to minimise the risk of damage. 

Displaying your print

All printed material can be damaged by heat, strong light and damp. We produce all of our prints using Giclee printing technology on heavy weight, acid free, Archival paper. This combination provides a very robust, high quality print that will retain strong colour and detail for many years. However, to maintain your print please do not place it in strong sunlight or directly on a heat source, keep it away from damp, extreme cold and smoke.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how to care for your print. We are always happy to assist you.


You and Me Always heart print
Family print in Green and Coral